Fitment Guide

Identify Your Bucket Dimensions!

Unsure what buckets will fit your machine? Use this handy fitment guide to find out!

There are 3 Critical Dimensions on your machine that determine which buckets and attachments will be compatible, they are:

1. Bucket Lugging (Ear) Plate Inner Width 

The distance between the luggings plates on your bucket (also know as ears or tabs) is shown as A & C in the image below.

This distance should be measured where the pins go through the bucket.


2. Pin Diameters 

For pin-on buckets, the diameter of the pins used will also vary by the size of the machine and by brand.

The pin diameter where it goes through the bucket lugging plates should be measured.

Please note that your pins will have a slight taper at the end, but this taper should NOT be measured.  

This dimension is shown as E & F below...


3. Pin Center to Center Distance

The pin center to center distance ensures that the linkage geometry of your machine remains as designed by the factory.

This is shown as dimension H below...




If you feel confident that you've identified your bucket dimensions correctly, you can add the products to your cart and place your order. 

If you're still unsure, then we would recommend calling us and a member of our sales team can help you with any questions!


Highmark Machinery is not responsible for customers who use this guide and order the wrong bucket. We offer a 90-day return policy if you make an incorrect purchase.

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